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module Y2016.M09.D23.Exercise where
-- below imports available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Blocks
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Summary
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Transactions
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Types
import Data.Monetary.BitCoin
import Data.Relation
import Graph.Query
import Graph.JSON.Cypher
Okay, we can get the addresses from the transactions, now let's get the
bitcoins from the transaction.
In each output of each transaction there is a field called 'value.' Let's
take a look at that:
*Y2016.M09.D23.Exercise> latestSummary
Summary {blockHash = "000000000000000002f56611a761f70493a1293dadec577cd04dbd7c9a4b4477",
time = 1474579944, blockIndex = 1148714, height = 431032,
txIndices = [176864461,176863406,176863432,176863441,176861799,...]}
Now if we go to and look up this blockHash, we see:
... Transactions ...
<hash> 2016-09-22 21:32:24
from-to hashes 13.02390887 BTC
total: 13.02390887 BTC
<hash> 2016-09-22 21:26:33
from-to hashes 0.08284317 BTC
0.07408666 BTC
total: 0.15691983 BTC
... etc ...
Now, let's look at the values of the first two transactions of this block:
*Y2016.M09.D23.Exercise> mapM_ (print . value) (concatMap out (take 2 (tx (head blk))))
HUH! ... HUH! ... and again I say ... HUH!
Today's Haskell exercise. Distill the transaction to the inputs, and the
outputs with a BTC (BitCoin) value for each output. Use the transactions from
the latestSummary.
data Trade = Trd { tradeHash :: Hash, executed :: String,
ins :: [Maybe Hash], outs :: [(Hash, BitCoin)] }
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
-- What was the biggest trade, BitCoin-value-wise, from the latestSummary?
-- What was the biggest trade, most addresses (ins and outs)?
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Represent Trade as a set of relations. Upload those relations to a graph
database for your viewing pleasure. Share an image of some of the transactions.
trade2relations :: Trade -> [Relation a b c]
trade2relations = undefined
-- now: coming up with what types a, b, and c are will be fun ... for you.
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