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module Y2016.M09.D28.Exercise where
-- below imports available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Data.Monetary.BitCoin
import Data.Tree.Merkle
import Y2016.M09.D26.Exercise (coins2Merk, coins)
Looking at a graphical representation of the Merkle tree with a new node
inserted we see several 'twigs,' that is to say nodes with only one leaf.
In merkle-tree-a (the png in this directory or at
We see four leaves but three nodes. It would make better balance to have just
two branches, not three.
The same can be said for merkle-tree-bb, that is merkle-tree-a but with an
additional insertion of a new leaf. You can see in in this directory or at:
Here again, we have three twigs, for a total of 4 branches, but two of the
twigs could have been combined into one branch, reducing the total number of
branches to 3, not 4.
The problem is in the way I defined insertLeaf and its helper function. I am
too eager to create a twig and not that eager to use an existing twig if
Let's change that.
Define a new insertLeaf function, call it addLeaf so that, as before, it puts
the leaf in the approapriately hashed position, but this time a little smarter:
If it's being added to a twig, recreate that twig as a branch (as before.
If it's being added to a branch, FIRST check if there is an adjacent twig
to the left or to the right, and redistribute the leaves taking advantage
of that adjacent twig.
addLeaf :: Leaf a -> MerkleTree a -> MerkleTree a
addLeaf leaf branch = undefined
How do we know we've improved things? Visual inspection? Well, that's one way,
but a tedious way, to be sure. Let's instead, have a function that counts all
the branches of a MerkleTree.
countBranches :: MerkleTree a -> Int
countBranches tree = undefined
Now, with the data from before, create a Merkle Tree using insertLeaf and a
Merkle Tree using addLeaf. Does the addLeaf solution have the same or fewer
branches than the insertLeaf one?
a, a', bb, bb' :: MerkleTree BitCoin
a = undefined -- insert coins into Merkle tree
a' = undefined -- add coins into Merkle tree
bb = undefined -- insert leaf of BTC 7.7 to a
bb' = undefined -- add leaf of BTC 7.7 to a'
-- what are the branch counts of a vs a'? bb vs bb'?
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