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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Y2016.M10.D06.Solution where
import Control.Arrow ((&&&))
import Control.Monad.IO.Class (liftIO)
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as B
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
import Snap.Core -- if you want to use the Snap Framework
import Snap.Http.Server
-- below modules available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Scan.CSV (rend)
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Blocks (Block, rawBlockURL, readBlock, tx)
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Graphs
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Transactions
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Types
import Data.BlockChain.Block.Utils
import Data.Monetary.BitCoin
import Data.Tree.Merkle
import Data.XHTML
So, we made a web service! YAY!
Okay, but it's a little clunky, so some housekeeping:
1. instead of latest block, have a GET-service that accepts a hash of a block
and returns the transactions for that block.
transactionsForBlock :: Hash -> IO [Transaction]
transactionsForBlock = fmap tx . readBlock rawBlockURL
2. And with that, show the block hash ID when you list all the hashes of the
transactions of that block
-- so this would be a redefinition of yesterday's top function
top :: Snap ()
top = do
id <- getParam "hash"
blk <- liftIO $ readBlock rawBlockURL (B.unpack (fromJust id))
writeBS . B.pack . show . rep . Doc [Elt "title" [] [S "Block Transactions"]]
. (Elt "h2" [] [S ("Transactions for Block " ++ hash blk)]:) . pure
. tabulate [Attrib "border" "1"] [thdrs (words "Hash BTC")]
. map (transaction2Sum (hash blk)) $ tx blk
data XSummary = XSum Hash Hash BitCoin
transaction2Sum :: Hash -> Transaction -> XSummary
transaction2Sum blk =
uncurry (XSum blk) . (hash &&& val2BTC . sum . map value . out)
serverURL :: String
serverURL = ""
tradeLink :: XSummary -> Element
tradeLink (XSum blk trd _) =
Elt "a" [Attrib "href" (serverURL ++ "trade/" ++ blk ++ ('|':trd))] [S trd]
instance Rasa XSummary where
printRow x@(XSum _ _ btc) = tr [E $ tradeLink x, S $ show btc]
3. Showing the transaction as raw text is yucky. We have this construct called
Trade that distills the Transaction information. Have a nice HTML-ish-like
representation of a trade so my eyes don't cross when I scan a transaction.
trade2HTML :: Transaction -> Element
trade2HTML tx = Elt "table" [Attrib "border" "1"]
(map E [Elt "tr" [Attrib "bgcolor" "CCFFCC"]
[E $ Elt "th" [Attrib "colspan" "2"]
[S ("Transaction " ++ hash tx)]],
thdrs (words "From To"),
-- now, check this out! A table of tables!
tr (map E [
tabulate [Attrib "border" "1"] [thdrs ["Address"]] (inputs tx),
tabulate [Attrib "border" "1"] [thdrs (words "Address BTC")] (out tx)])])
instance Rasa Input where
printRow = tr . pure . maybe startElt addrElt . prevOut
startElt :: Content
startElt = E (Elt "b" [] [S "Start"])
addrElt :: Output -> Content
addrElt = maybe startElt S . addr
instance Rasa Output where
printRow outie = tr [addrElt outie, S . show . val2BTC $ value outie]
4. Now we need a Merkle tree-service.
4.a. For a block, give the hash of the root of the merkle tree of that block
of transactions as a REST GET service
rootHash :: MerkleTree a -> Hash
rootHash tree = undefined
4.b. Given any hash of a Merkle node, give the left and right nodes' hashes
childHashes :: MerkleTree a -> Hash -> (Hash, Hash)
childHashes tree hash = undefined
-- and to kick off the webservice:
main :: IO ()
main = quickHttpServe (
route [("block/:hash", top),
("trade/:twohashes", trade)])
trade :: Snap ()
trade =
getParam "twohashes" >>= \(Just twoHashes) ->
let [blkid,trd] = rend '|' (B.unpack twoHashes) in
do blk <- liftIO $ readBlock rawBlockURL blkid
writeBS . B.pack . show . rep . Doc [Elt "title" [] [S "Trade"]]
. pure . trade2HTML . findTrade trd $ tx blk
findTrade :: Hash -> [Transaction] -> Transaction
findTrade h [] = error ("Could not find trade hash " ++ h)
findTrade h (tx:s) = if hash tx == h then tx else findTrade h s
Running this webservice (you know, after you build and deploy it) gets the
results show in the screen captures in this directory.
Now, how did I know I wanted
block 0000000000000000015336dfde93a5a10e159cae7a09abcc362a17f6190262ee
That's an exercise for another day
(Y2016.M10.D12.Exercise, in fact)
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