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module Y2016.M10.D19.Exercise where
import Data.Map (Map)
import Analytics.Trading.Data.Row (Symbol) --
import Analytics.Trading.Scan.Top5s --
-- Below imports are available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Data.Bag
Let's continue our analyses that we started yesterday on the stock top5s,
recorded at:
One way to find patterns in data is to look for specific things in the data,
as we did yesterday, where we saw the patterns of losers-then-leaders and
leaders-then-losers in the Price category.
Another way to find patterns is by clustering. We've looked at K-means clustering
before, back in March of this year:
We're NOT going to be doing clustering today, because what we have is a 'morass'
of data, not a set of ScoreCards, or vectors of attributes.
So, today, let's turn the morass of data that we do have into a set of
ScoreCards, or a set of vectors of attributes.
Today is Step 1 of that.
Today. We won't look at adjacency at all. For each stock, count the number
of shows in each category: Price, Market Capitalization, and Volume, further
distinguishing the stock by losers and leaders in the appropriate categories.
So, a ScoreCard for AAPL might look like:
SC "AAPL" [(Price Leaders, ...
Well, what does it look like? That entails quite a bit of work, so let's break
it down even further.
Today's Haskell problem is even simpler than creating score cards.
Today: load in the top5s.csv from the URL above
Then, count all occurrences of all stocks for each category.
data LeadersLosers = Leader Top5Kind | Loser Top5Kind
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
countsInCategories :: FilePath -> Map LeadersLosers (Bag Symbol)
countsInCategories top5sfile = undefined
-- hint: use top5sHistory to load in the history file.
-- n.b.: Volume Top5Kind has only leaders, not losers.
-- Tomorrow we'll look at generating score cards from these category counts
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