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module Y2016.M10.D26.Exercise where
import Data.Map (Map)
import Data.Time
import Analytics.Trading.Data.Row (Symbol) --
import Analytics.Trading.Scan.Top5s --
-- below imports available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Y2016.M10.D19.Exercise (LeadersLosers)
Yesterday we counted occurences of a security in the Top5s daily reports. Great!
That information is useful, and an indicator of staying power. Another such
indicator is runs of a stock.
Today's Haskell problem.
Load the top5s daily archive from the URL:
Now let's compute some runs.
-- 1. What are all the runs (ordered by longest first) of all the stocks?
-- A run is successive daily showings in the top5s lists
type Run = Int
top5sRuns :: Archive Top5s -> Map Symbol [Run]
nope! nope! nope! That isn't very helpful at all! What if I wish to investigate
a run of a stock in the Top5s? Where do I start looking if I don't know the
dates of the run?
Starting over:
data Run = Run { ndays :: Int, from, to :: Day }
deriving Show
-- n.b. ndays IS NOT diffDays to from (weekends and holidays don't count)
top5sRuns :: Archive Top5s -> Map Symbol [Run]
top5sRuns top5s = undefined
-- there!
-- 2. Now, let's do more focused runs. If a stock is hi-lo-hi-lo that's one
-- thing but if it's hi-hi-hi-hi, that's quite another thing. We're going to
-- focus runs on leaders or losers, then: leaders or losers by category
top5sLeadersRuns, top5sLosersRuns :: Archive Top5s -> Map Symbol [Run]
top5sLeadersRuns top5s = undefined
top5sLosersRuns top5s = undefined
-- You may think a losers' run is ignominious, but much good analysis (and
-- profitability) can be gained by following the losers, too.
-- 3. And, finally the BAC ('Bank of America') case. Some stocks excell in a
-- particular category. What is the Leaders Volume runs for BAC?
top5sLeadersByCategoryRuns :: Archive Top5s
-> Map Symbol (Map LeadersLosers [Run])
top5sLeadersByCategoryRuns top5s = undefined
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