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module Y2016.M11.D10.Solution where
import qualified Data.Set as Set
-- below import available from cabal (aeson)
import Data.Aeson
-- Below import available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Logic.Frege ((<<-), natx)
import Y2016.M11.D08.Solution
Today we're going to look at one particular user of the 1HaskellADay followers,
say: 81457442, for example (la, la, la), and see which followers of THIS
1HaskellADay follower follows OTHER followers of 1HaskellADay
Today's Haskell exercise:
Read in the follower ids of 81457442 located on this directory named for its
screen_name, geophf (well, I'll be! I wonder why I picked that name!), or at
the URL:
as you did in yesterday's exercise.
geophfsFollowers :: FilePath -> IO Tweeps
geophfsFollowers = followers -- THAT WAS EASY!
ALSO, read in the 1HaskellADay twitter-followers data set, gzipped at the URL:
Got it? Great.
Now, we start to build a (slightly) extended social network.
Which twitter ids do both geophf and 1HaskellADay share?
sharedIds :: Tweeps -> Tweeps -> [TwitterId]
sharedIds = Set.toList <<- natx Set.intersection (Set.fromList . tweeps)
-- It'll start to get really interesting when we do this for a bunch of user_id
{-- So:
*Y2016.M11.D10.Solution> followers "Y2016/M11/D08/1haskfollowersids.json" ~> had
*Y2016.M11.D10.Solution> geophfsFollowers "Y2016/M11/D10/geophf.json" ~> geophf
*Y2016.M11.D10.Solution> sharedIds had geophf ~> shared ~>
[6098012,10493222,11379862,12825762,15612415,16144388,... and 33 more]
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