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module Y2016.M11.D11.Exercise where
-- below module available from cabal (aeson)
import Data.Aeson
Okay, yesterday, we saw a structure. That structure being the network of
followers shared by 1HaskellADay and this geophf twitter account, whoever
that is.
Well, we'll look at that today.
Today's Haskell exercise. I did an info-pull on this geophf-person by doing
the twitter API REST-call:
with appropriate OAUTH via my twitter app (thanks to @abraham for the PHP
twitter query client).
So, with this file: geophfinfo.json on this directory or at the URL:
parse out the following information:
screen_name, id_str, followers_count, friends_count (the 'following' count),
and user_mentions (which structure you must also declare).
Question: the users who mention geophf, are they friends with him? We may
look at this question tomorrow. Not today.
data Users = StructureOfUsersMentionedInTwitterInfoJSON
data Entities = SomeEntityStructureYouDefineWhichIncludes Users
data Status = SomeStatusStructureIncluding Entities
data TweepInfo = SomeStructureYouDefine Status
instance FromJSON TweepInfo where
parseJSON = undefined
instance FromJSON Status where
parseJSON = undefined
instance FromJSON Entities where
parseJSON = undefined
instance FromJSON Users where
parseJSON = undefined
Hint: be sparse in what information you pull from the JSON. You don't need to
parse everything, just the relevant bits.
'Relevant' is a technical term, it's precise definition is: 'whatevs.'
With the above declarations, read in the JSON parsing a set of TweepInfo.
readTweepInfo :: FilePath -> IO [TweepInfo]
readTweepInfo json = undefined
-- How many user mentions are in geophf's status?
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