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module Y2016.M11.D22.Exercise where
import Data.Time
import Data.Map (Map)
import qualified Data.Map as Map
SO MUCH happening in the month of November!
So, Niantic has announced that it is Ingress' 4th anniversary, and to commemorate
that, they are giving an award for players reaching a certain level-tier by
the end of the month. The tiers are
Don't care bronze
Don't care silver
13-14 gold
15 platinum
16 onyx
Now, so, let's say there's a certain player that's level twelve and has met
all the prequalifiers for level 13, so now simply needs to level up by performing
Ingress activities that score points to achieve the Gold: level 13 by the end
of the month (specifically, be at level 13 on November 30th, 2016).
Let's say the current point accumulation for this player is:
type Score = Int
player1 :: Score
player1 = 11289979
-- And let's say the point level for level 13 is:
level13 :: Score
level13 = 12000000
Now there are activities that have point values associated for completing them.
They are as follows:
type Activity = String
activities :: Map Activity Score
activities = Map.fromList [("capture portal", 1250), ("Place resonator", 625),
("link portals", 625), ("recharge resonator", 20), ("hack portal", 200),
("create control field", 2500), ("place mod", 250),
("destroy control field", 1250), ("destroy resonator", 375),
("destroy link", 375)]
-- As yesterday:
-- 1. How many points does player1 need to reach level 13?
-- 2. How many days does player1 have to reach that goal, ... given that
-- 'today' is 'today'.
-- 3. How many points per day does player1 have to maintain to reach level 13?
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Give a set of activities that player1 should do each day to reach level 13
type Days = Int
type ΔScore = Int
type Count = Int
level13DailyActivitySet :: Days -> ΔScore -> [(Count, Activity)]
level13DailyActivitySet daysLeft scoreDiff = undefined
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