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module Y2016.M12.D09.Exercise where
import Data.Aeson
So, there was this tweet:
RC Guerrilla @RCGuerrilla 29m29 minutes ago
#FF #Catholic @OnePeterFive @SteveSkojec @VaticanCricket @vatican_en @CrisisMag
@geophf @hanmariams @EyeOfTheTiber @theghissilent #Follow
Leading to the following response:
Math problem
Who is the most exclusive tweep below?
Who is the most profligate in their follow-backs?
What is the mean follow-back ratio?
So, including RCGuerrilla, tease out the follower/friend information from
each tweep and answer the above questions.
data Tweep = SomeStructureYouDefine
instance FromJSON Tweep where
parseJSON = undefined
readTweeps :: FilePath -> IO [Tweep]
readTweeps json = undefined
friendFollowerRatio :: Tweep -> Rational
friendFollowerRatio = undefined
The JSON for the tweeps I got from my twitter-app: twittercritter by running
the command:
geophf:twitter geophf$
php info.php screen_name "RCGuerrilla,geophf,OnePeterFire,SteveSkojec,
EyeOfTheTiber,theghissilent" > ff-count.json
and placed it in this directory as ff-count.json. Have fun!