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module Y2016.M12.D13.Exercise where
import Network.HTTP
Today we'll be looking at some census data for the U.S.A.
Read in the file at:
And format to some form that makes sense to you.
data CensusData = SomeSensibleFormYouDeclare
type URL = FilePath
readCensusData :: URL -> IO CensusData
readCensusData url = undefined
Now, answer the below questions.
In 2013, which State had the highest mean income?
...which State had the lowest?
...which State had the largest gap between median and mean income?
In 2013, what is the populate of the USA, based on the 56 (?!?) States listed?
type USState = String
type Year = Int
type StateQ = CensusData -> Year -> USState
highestMeanIncome, lowestMeanIncome, meanMedianGap :: StateQ
highestMeanIncome = undefined
lowestMeanIncome = undefined
meanMedianGap = undefined
type PopulationCount = Int
population :: CensusData -> Year -> USState -> PopulationCount
population = undefined
-- how would you define the function that sums the population for all USStates?
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Why are the population-counts in quotes, and why do they have comma separators
and don't they know it makes it hard for us Haskellers, and why?
... okay, no bonnus question; I'm being fatuous. Maybe.