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module Y2017.M01.D25.Solution where
import Control.Monad (filterM, (>=>), join)
import Data.List (isSuffixOf, isPrefixOf)
import System.Directory
Okay, they say 'a' is the second-most popular 'word' in Haskell.
They. Pfft! Well, where will 'they' be when you're in front of your boss
explaining this statement? Where's your stats? Where's the proof?
Let's break down the problem and prove, or disprove, it, eh?
(see what I did there, eh? I said 'eh' IMPLYING that I meant to say 'a')
(geddit? GEDDIT?)
Today's Haskell problem. For a given directory, dir, enumerate all the Haskell
files in that directory.
type Directory = FilePath
haskellFiles :: Directory -> IO [FilePath]
haskellFiles dir =
getDirectoryContents dir >>=
filterM doesFileExist
. map ((dir ++) . ('/':))
. filter ((||) . isSuffixOf ".hs" <*> isSuffixOf ".lhs")
*Y2017.M01.D25.Solution> getDirectoryContents "Y2017/M01/D10/"
*Y2017.M01.D25.Solution> haskellFiles "Y2017/M01/D10/"
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
For a given directory, dir, enumerate all the Haskell file names for that
directory and all subdirectories of that directory. Make sure you can access
those files, by which I mean: include either the relative path or the full
absolute path to the enumerated files.
haskellFilesR :: Directory -> IO [FilePath]
haskellFilesR dir =
-- first, let's get all the haskell files in this directory
haskellFiles dir >>= \eff ->
-- next, let's get all the directories in this directory
directories dir >>=
-- The answer is the sum of the haskell files here and the recurse chase downs
(mapM haskellFilesR >=> return . (eff ++) . join)
-- not often you can return from a join. I'M FEELING SO MONAD-Y!
directories :: Directory -> IO [Directory]
directories dir =
getDirectoryContents dir >>=
-- Now see which files at dir are directories
filterM doesDirectoryExist . map ((dir ++) . ('/':))
-- we don't want looping, so eliminate the '.' and '..' directories
. filter (not . isPrefixOf ".")
*Y2017.M01.D25.Solution> directories "Data"
*Y2017.M01.D25.Solution> haskellFilesR "Data"
-- So we've got the haskell file names, tomorrow we'll look at file contents