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module Y2017.M01.D31.Exercise where
So, yesterday we read the header file header and were able to extract Julian
dates. Now let's start to look at the Ephemerides data sets for the EMbary,
"Earth/Moon Barycenter," and for Mars. The internal format is (obliquely)
described in the document ascii_format.txt at this directory.
In brief, the ephemeris data is given as
<coordinate data in Double-precision triples>
Problem one:
Read in 1 double-precision number from the text file. So, we have double-
precision triples. Let's just read in one of them:
samplePoint :: String
samplePoint = " 3.461497957769017000D+07 -9.557376026160824000D+06 -2.490153072986354000D+06"
-- above is a sample 3-dimensional point. Read in each of these and re-represent
-- these values as Haskell numbers
parseDouble :: String -> Double
parseDouble = undefined
-- hint: (read "3.461497957769017000D+07") :: Double throws this error:
-- *** Exception: no parse
-- How do you read a double, then?
-- Problem two:
-- read in a line and return a Triple:
data Triple = ThreeD { x,y,z :: Double }
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
parse3DPoint :: String -> Triple
parse3DPoint = undefined
-- Problem three:
-- These data are in a file with other information. Group these data accordingly
data Epoch = Ephem { file :: String, group, ncoefficient :: Int, points :: [Triple] }
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
readEpochs :: FilePath -> IO [Epoch]
readEpochs = undefined
-- Questions:
-- 1. How many epoch are in ascm0800-2recs.102 and in ascm1100-2recs.102
-- (these files are located under de102/ in this directory)
-- 2. How many Triples are in each epoch for each file? Same number for each
-- file, or the number of Triples different for each file?
-- 3. What is the z value for the last triple for each epoch?