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module Y2017.M04.D05.Exercise where
import Data.Time
import Network.HTTP
-- below modules available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Scan.CSV
import Data.Monetary.BitCoin
import Data.Monetary.USD
import Data.Percentage
In this tweet
@ohiobitcoin claims that the Ukraine increased its investment in bitcoin by
500%. Wow. 500%. But how much did bitcoin rise over the past year?
Today's Haskell problem.
Download the daily bitcoin price per dollar over the last year, then determine
its percentage increase.
url :: FilePath
url = ""
++ "&data_type=price&exchange=kraken&r=day&t=l&timespan=2y"
-- the above URL gives 2 years of BitCoin data as price per USD
btcPrices :: FilePath -> IO BitCoinPrices
btcPrices url = undefined
-- load in the Date,ave,max,min and return the (Day,average) pairs
-- hint: Data.Monetary.BitCoin functions MAY help.
-- What is the percentage rise of BTC price from the most recent date of the
-- BTC data from the price of BTC a year ago?
annualPercentageRise :: BitCoinPrices -> Percentage
annualPercentageRise btcData = undefined
-- What is your investment growth for
-- 1. investing a lump-sum a year ago?
lumpSumInvestmentGrowth :: BitCoinPrices -> USD -> USD
lumpSumInvestmentGrowth btcData investment = undefined
-- 2. investing monthly a set amount?
monthlyInvestmentGrowth :: BitCoinPrices -> USD -> USD
monthlyInvestmentGrowth btcData monthlyInvest = undefined
-- 3. investing weekly a set amount?
weeklyInvestmentGrowth :: BitCoinPrices -> USD -> USD
weeklyInvestmentGrowth btcData weeklyInvest = undefined
-- 4. What is the percentage growth for each type of investment above?
percentageGrowth :: USD -> USD -> Percentage
percentageGrowth initialAmt finalPortfolioValue = undefined
-- Caveat: these queries are 'back-testing' data which have been notoriously
-- misused to forecast future growth. Back-testing only shows historical growth.
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