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module Y2017.M04.D06.Solution where
import Data.List (intercalate)
import System.FilePath ((</>))
import System.Info (os)
So, different operating systems have different ways of addressing stored
information. Windows, we all know, has the CP/M weirdo '\'-character relic that
separates directories from directories from files. Unix/Linux/SCOix/Darwinish
has the '/' for hierarchical naming of inodes, and zOS has '.' to address
boundaries in the mainframe and MacOS 8 has '#' ... just because.
Just because they 'think different' [sic].
And let's not even get started with the FORTH 1024-byte memory blocks, shall we?
So, GIVEN that you know the operating system ... (HOW)? ... create an operator
that returns the appropriate address-separating token to index to resources
managed by the operating system.
type OS = String
getOS :: OS -- somehow, magically, or see System.Info
getOS = os
separatorF :: OS -> Char
separatorF os | os == "macos" = '#'
| os == "zos" = '.'
| os == "darwin" = '/'
| os == "cpm" = '\\'
-- given an operating system type, return the separator for that OS
-- With that, return the (relative) FilePath for this exercise given various
-- operating systems. The hierarchy to this resource is:
hierarchy :: [String]
hierarchy = words "Y2017 M04 D06 Exercise.hs"
-- so to do the ex's we need the oo-oo-oo-they want any os!
-- geddit?
exAnyOS :: OS -> String
exAnyOS = (`intercalate` hierarchy) . pure . separatorF
>>> exAnyOS "zos"
exZOS, exDarwin, exWindoze, exOldMac :: String
exZOS = exAnyOS "zos"
exDarwin = exAnyOS "darwin"
exWindoze = exAnyOS "cpm"
exOldMac = exAnyOS "macos"
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Define the path to this exercise using YOUR operating system!
exMyOS :: String
exMyOS = foldr (</>) "" hierarchy
>>> exMyOS
-- That's a neat-o trick I learned from the Haskell source today
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