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module Y2017.M04.D19.Exercise where
import Data.Aeson
-- below imports available from 1HaskellADay git repository
import Wikidata.Query.Aeson
import Wikidata.Query.Endpoint
import Y2017.M04.D18.Exercise
Okay, today we're going to do the same thing as yesterday, but with a different
SPARQL query. Recall that we wanted eye-colors by frequency in wikidata.
Our original query was eyeColors in Y2017.M04.D14.Exercise
Create a value of SPARL that gives an eye color query. Query wikidata and
return the results as a list of EyeColor values
eyeColorQuery :: SPARQL
eyeColorQuery = undefined
data EyeColor = Eyes { color :: String, count :: Int }
deriving Eq
instance FromJSON EyeColor where
parseJSON = undefined
eyeColors :: SPARQL -> IO [EyeColor]
eyeColors queryVal = undefined
-- What is the most-mentioned eye-color? What is the least-mentioned one?
mostMentioned, leastMentioned :: [EyeColor] -> EyeColor
mostMentioned = undefined
leastMentioned = undefined
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