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module Y2017.M04.D21.Exercise where
-- below imports available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Scan.CSV
import Wikidata.Query.Aeson
import Wikidata.Query.Builder
import Wikidata.Query.Endpoint
1. what are the cities, populations, and locations of Alaska?
To answer that we have:
wikipedia :: FilePath
wikipedia = ""
How do we scan that in and use that? How do we plot that?
Hm. Another question: why do we want to reinvent the wheel?
-- or --
Wikidata can plot information on a map for you "fo' free!"
Compose a SPARQL wikidata query that asks for the above information:
alaskanCitiesSPARQL :: SPARQL
alaskanCitiesSPARQL = undefined
-- oh, and you can look up how to do that and what are the qnames. I did.
-- Now get the results back as set of Haskell values:
data AlaskanCity = NorthToAlaska { city, pop, location :: String }
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
alaskanCities :: SPARQL -> IO [AlaskanCity]
alaskanCities = undefined
-- How many Alaskan cities are returned from the wikidata query?
-- How many Alaskan cities are listed at the wikipedia-url?
-- How would you fix this discrepancy? Or, what other source would you use?
-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
-- You see all AlaskanCity values are of type String. A glaring problem with
-- parseVal that needs to be fixed. How would you fix that?
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