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module Y2017.M06.D16.Exercise where
import System.Environment
Okay, we're going to start talking with the outside world, that is, beyond
the age-old putStrLn and print.
So, data-stores, DaaS, all that. But part of that whole infrastructure is
putting your username and password in place where people don't see that in
your source code.
Today's Haskell problem.
1. If you don't have a SQL DaaS, start thinking about getting one, or, alter-
natively, use your local SQL database for next week, if you have one of those.
2. Download and install the Persistent cabal framework for Haskell.
3. For today, pretend you have a username and password and a connection URL
written down on a post-it note, because that's Industry-standard.
In your OS environment, create the variables SQL_DAAS_USERNAME,
dbUserName, dbPassword, dbmsServer, dbName :: IO String
dbUserName = undefined
dbPassword = undefined
dbmsServer = undefined
dbName = undefined
dbPort :: IO Int
dbPort = undefined
>>> dbUserName
>>> dbPassword
>>> dbmsServer
>>> dbName
Okay, using the above results, if your connection string is in the format:
have the below function take the above as arguments and output that format.
connectionString :: String -> String -> String -> Int -> String -> String
connectionString username pass server port db = undefined
>>> connectionString <$> dbUserName <*> dbPassword <*> dbmsServer <*> pure 5432 <*> dbName
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