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module Y2017.M07.D06.Exercise where
-- below import available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Data.Matrix
Okay, I've asked this WAY back in ... 2014? 2015? but I can't find the solution,
so I'll ask it again.
Write a matrix system-of-equations solver.
This is easier done than said? ... maybe?
First, let's say we have the system of equations:
2x - y = 1
x - y = -1
Simple enough to solve by hand, sure! So we can test it out on our solver, too!
To solve a system of equations, we take the inverse of the matrix of
coefficients, A, and multiply it by the matrix of constants, B to get our
solution-set, or:
A^-1 B
So, we've got to figure out how to invert a matrix. That's simple enough, given
that we've previously defined the matrix-determinant (see Data.Matrix).
OR you could use the Gauss-Jordan-approach.
Whatever tickles your fancy.
inverse :: Fractional a => Matrix a -> Maybe (Matrix a)
inverse mat = undefined
-- once you've defined inverse, use it to solve the above system
a, b :: Matrix Float
a = fromLists [[2, -1], [1, -1]]
b = fromLists [[1], [-1]]
-- what is inverse a `cross` b?
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