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module Y2017.M09.D04.Exercise where
import Codec.Compression.GZip
import Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 (ByteString)
import Network.HTTP.Conduit
Today's Haskell problem will be looking at the beginning of a document processor
We have a set of articles and grant solicitions from anon under articles:
type URL = FilePath
sourceDocumentRoot :: URL
sourceDocumentRoot = ""
These documents are under the b/ and n/ directories and have file extension .gz
(although I suppose it's possible to scan for this?)
-- 1. What are the names of the files in b/
-- 2. What are the names of the files in n/
type Directory = String
type FileName = String
fileNames :: URL -> Directory -> IO [FileName]
fileNames url dir = undefined
-- read the files into memory
loadFile :: URL -> Directory -> FileName -> IO ByteString
loadFile url dir file = undefined
-- 3. Which file has the most number of words?
wordCount :: ByteString -> Int
wordCount contents = undefined
mostWords :: [(FileName, ByteString)] -> FileName
mostWords idfiles = undefined
-- 4. What is the word frequency across all the b/files?
-- 5. What is the word frequency across all the n/files?
wordFreq :: URL -> Directory -> IO [(String, Int)]
wordFreq url dir = undefined
-- 6. What is the most frequent word used in b/, ... n/?
-- 7. What is the most frequent word across all?
mostFreq :: [(String, Int)] -> (String, Int)
mostFreq wordFreqs = undefined
Article sources:
b/ Blei_AP article extracts
n/ NSF grant requests extracts
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