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module Y2017.M09.D08.Exercise where
import Codec.Compression.GZip
import Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 (ByteString)
import Network.HTTP.Conduit
import System.Directory
But, of course, to be an ETL, you're moving data from one source to another
sink, so, let's do that today, but in the opposite direction from what we
did for the D04 exercise.
Today's Haskell problem, we'll take a set of txt files from the 'Web,' compress
them, them move them to a similar directory structure locally.
1. The documents stored remotely are at:
type URL = FilePath
rootURL :: URL
rootURL = ""
type Directory = FilePath
exerciseDir :: Directory
exerciseDir = "Y2017/M09/D08/articles/"
bdir, ndir :: Directory
bdir = "b/"
ndir = "n/"
-- Now, it'd be lolneat if you used the webservice to discover the resources
-- stored in the directories above.
-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
-- using the webservice from D05, discover the articles in the directories
-- above.
-- UN-BONUS --------------------------------------------------------------
-- Or you could just use the resources enumerated here from the local file
-- system
type FileName = String
bfiles, nfiles :: Directory -> IO [FileName]
bfiles exdir = undefined
nfiles exdir = undefined
-- Now that we've got the file names, load the files, compress them, then save
-- them locally using the same directory structure from where they were fetched
loadCompressStore :: URL -> Directory -> FileName -> IO ()
loadCompressStore url bOrN filename = undefined
{-- BONUS ----------------------------------------------------------------
Instead of storing the newly compressed files on your local file system, store
them instead at some remote location, such as S3 or on a DaaS SQL/NoSQL database
remoteStore :: URL -> Directory -> FileName -> URL -> IO ()
remoteStore url bOrN file remoteURL = undefined
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