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module Y2017.M10.D25.Exercise where
Today, we're going to divide the topic you chose into subtopics, and then
optionally, view those subtopics as a graph, or retrieve articles in the
subtopic by index (which also works in the graph-structure, too, but in this
case the graph is specialized to a map.
Okay, yesterday, we computed the subtopics by counting instances, but today,
we want the more general grouping of subtopics by object.
import Data.Map (Map)
import Data.Set (Set)
-- below imports available via 1HaskellADay git repository.
import Graph.Query (cyphIt)
import Y2017.M10.D04.Exercise (ArticleSummary(ArtSum), Topic)
import Y2017.M10.D05.Exercise (visualize)
import Y2017.M10.D20.Exercise -- for article groupings and graphing
import Y2017.M10.D23.Exercise -- Article
import Y2017.M10.D24.Exercise -- to get the articles we're studying from file
hiding (hasSubcategory, categorize, seed)
-- So, we want to subcategorize articles using the categorizer, but grab
-- the whole article, not just a count
-- First lets map the articles for indexing by their, well, index:
type IxArts = Map Integer ArticleSummary
indexArticles :: [Article] -> IxArts
indexArticles arts = undefined
-- you fetch the articles from file using articlesFromFile
-- but that also means we need to translate Article values to ArticleSummary
summarize :: Article -> ArticleSummary
summarize art = undefined
-- now that we have our articles nicely indexed, let's (sub)categorize them
hasSubcategory :: String -> Article -> (Bool, IxArts -> IxArts)
hasSubcategory storm art = undefined
-- adds this article to, e.g.: "Maria" subcategory if it mentions, e.g.: "Maria"
-- which means we need a starter function:
seed :: Subcategory IxArts
seed = undefined
-- now we can categorize hurricane articles by each storm
-- or, more generally, categorize articles into subcategories
categorizor :: [Article] -> Subcategory IxArts
categorizor arts = undefined
-- puts each article into its respective subcategory bin
-- With the data sets you derived from the NYT archive, take the category
-- you chose and break it into subcategories that make sense.
-- Now you've got groups of related content you can browse.
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Create a data visualization from your results, for example as a circle chart
or as a graph
E.g. use Y2017.M10.D04.Exercise.visualize or Y2017.M10.D20.uploadArticles2Graph
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