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module Y2017.M11.D14.Exercise where
I've been using the Control.Scan.CSV module for quite some time and have been
quite happy with it, but then, along comes the real world and throws a wrench
into all this happiness.
-- below import available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Scan.CSV
As you see from the tests in that module, CSV parses, well, comma-separated
values, obviously, but it also treats quoted strings as one column, so we have:
>>> csv "1,2,3"
3 columns
>>> csv "\"1,2\",3"
2 columns
>>> csv "\"1,2\",3,4,5,\"6,7,8\",9,10"
7 columns
>>> csv "\"1,2\",3,4,5,\"6,7,8\",\"9,10\""
6 columns
And that's great. Working as desired.
But now we come to this:
quotedLine :: String
quotedLine = "11,Education Department Withdraws Controversial ESSA Spending "
++ "Proposal,1/18/17,Alyson Klein,\"That big fight over spending "
++ "rules for the Every Student Succeeds Act has ended not with a "
++ "bang, but a whimper: U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, "
++ "Jr. is throwing in the towel, withdrawing a proposed regulation "
++ "for a section of the law known as \"\"supplement-not-supplant"
++ "\"\" that had strong backing in the civil rights community, but "
++ "angered state chiefs, advocates for districts, and Republicans "
++ "in Congress.\","
++ "ets_c/2016/12/King%20blog%20pic-thumb-500x331-22556.jpg,"
++ ""
++ "b_king_jr_withdraws_.html,\"2,000,000\",11"
-- You see what's going on here? Quoted strings within quoted columns are
-- doubly double-quoted. We need a CSV that does all the above AND recognizes
-- doubly double-quotes as part of the column, not as a column separator.
-- So, today's Haskell problem is to write a CSV processor that is savvy to
-- embedded quoted strings within a column.
csv' :: String -> [String]
csv' str = undefined
Write csv' so that all the csv parsing as above still work AND the above
quotedLine is properly parsed into a 9-column list of strings.
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