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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Y2017.M11.D21.Solution where
Okey-dokey. From yesterday's exercise, we're returning full articles with
key-phrases and ranked and everything!
Boss-man: I don't need full article text, just a summary of the first 140
characters. And remove the special characters. And drop the key-phrases: we
don't need that in the front-end.
Okay, then! Let's do that!
From yesterday's results, do the above. Capice?
import Control.Monad ((>=>))
import Data.Aeson hiding (Value)
import Data.Aeson.Encode.Pretty (encodePretty)
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as BL
import Data.Maybe (mapMaybe)
import Data.Time
-- below imports available 1HaskellADay git repository
import Control.Logic.Frege ((<<-))
import Control.Scan.Config
import Store.SQL.Connection (withConnection)
import Y2017.M11.D01.Solution -- for special character filtration
import Y2017.M11.D03.Solution -- for Strength
import Y2017.M11.D06.Solution hiding (title) -- for Value
import Y2017.M11.D07.Solution hiding (title) -- for Recommendation
import Y2017.M11.D20.Solution -- for article sets filtered by keyword search
data Brief =
Summarized { briefIdx :: Integer, date :: Maybe Day,
title, summary :: String,
viewCount :: Maybe Integer,
rank :: Value Strength }
deriving (Eq, Show)
rec2brief :: SpecialCharTable -> Recommendation -> Maybe Brief
rec2brief chrs (Scored idx tit txt dt _ _ vc score) =
txt >>= \summ ->
return (Summarized idx (pure dt) (refineString chrs tit)
(summarize chrs summ) vc (VAL score))
summarize :: SpecialCharTable -> String -> String
summarize = refineString -- having the rec read a summary now
-- summarize truncates the full text to the first 140 characters, because we're
-- HALF of a tweet. ... yup.
JSON structure is:
instance ToJSON Brief where
toJSON brief =
object ["article_id" .= briefIdx brief, "article_date" .= date brief,
"article_title" .= title brief, "article_summary" .= summary brief,
"article_rank" .= val2float (rank brief),
"article_view_count" .= viewCount brief]
Good idea, but the types returned from (Brief -> a) are different.
(zipWith (.=) (map ("article_" ++) (words "id date title summary rank"))
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Write an app that does just like yesterday's app does: returns a set of articles
from a set of keyword filters, but this time returns briefs-as-JSON
main' :: [String] -> IO ()
main' keywords = do
homeDir <- home
special <- readSpecialChars (homeDir ++ "/.specialChars.prop")
withConnection (flip recs keywords >=>
BL.putStrLn . encodePretty . mapMaybe (rec2brief special))
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