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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings, QuasiQuotes #-}
module Y2017.M11.D27.Exercise where
Okay, we have a set of recommended articles, now we want to add some new
articles to the list. So, given an article id as a basis and a set of article
ids to add, add those articles to the source article's recommended list.
Yes: it isn't rocket science.
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.SqlQQ
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.ToRow
import Store.SQL.Connection
import Store.SQL.Util.Pivots
Actually, when you get right down to it: since added articles are not scored,
adding rows to the recommendation table becomes a pivot table exercise. But
even then, since we're only working with one source article to add articles to,
this is just an insert-in-context.
insertRecsStmt :: Query
insertRecsStmt =
[sql|INSERT INTO recommendation (for_article_id,recommended_article_id)
VALUES (?,?)|]
insertRec :: Connection -> Integer -> [Integer] -> IO ()
insertRec conn srcId recs = undefined
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Write a program that takes a source article ID and a list of recommended
article ids an inserts that set into recommendation.
main' :: [String] -> IO ()
main' artIds = undefined
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