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{-# LANGUAGE ViewPatterns #-}
module Y2017.M12.D13.Exercise where
A little simple thing for today's Haskell exercise.
Yesterday's date was 2017-12-12. I noticed something after I had already
published yesterday's SQL problem.
Yesterday's date has the following property
Both the month and the day are composed of digits from the year. That is to
say that the following holds:
import Data.Time
import Data.Time.Calendar
composableDate :: Day -> Bool
composableDate (toGregorian -> (yr, mos, day)) =
mos `isComposedOfDigitsIn` yr && day `isComposedOfDigitsIn` yr
isComposedOfDigitsIn :: Int -> Integer -> Bool
isComposedOfDigitsIn x yr = undefined
>>> composableDate (read "2017-12-12")
>>> composableDate (read "2017-12-13")
-- Great!
-- Now: what are all the dates in 2017 that have the composeableDate property?
allComposeableDatesIn :: Integer -> [Day]
allComposeableDatesIn yr = undefined
>>> take 5 $ allComposeableDatesIn 2107
-- I'm sure there's some kind of Mayan spin to all this, but you tell me.
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