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{-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes, TypeSynonymInstances, OverloadedStrings #-}
module Y2017.M12.D28.Solution where
Just a quicky for today.
Yesterday's solution had something like this for a runoff of sample.json parsing
Parsed e9c76f0e-92d3-5a17-8450-ffa3516bfc83
Parsed 7740ba62-72a6-52c4-81ae-8140c9e93d70
Could not parse article 20, error: expected String, encountered Null
Parsed 81bddb98-fc1a-53fa-b6d6-19bc63a8986c
Could not parse article 22, error: expected String, encountered Null
Could not parse article 23, error: expected String, encountered Null
Parsed 62f6f2ec-2927-55a4-9009-4794c1d9bc17
Parsed a8c6649e-d519-5c92-9317-652a4ef63d11
Parsed 099bdf9b-1b1f-5bb2-9299-cef67e1d65c7
Could not parse article 27, error: expected String, encountered Null
Parsed 905a8c8c-cba9-5ec1-b16e-4d8f4b412070
So, what are these optional strings?
Well, we can find them programatically or we use our eyeballs to scan the JSON.
Let's go with the latter today.
import Data.Aeson
import Data.Aeson.Encode.Pretty
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as BL
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.FromRow
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.SqlQQ
-- below imports available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Store.SQL.Connection (withConnection)
import Y2017.M12.D20.Solution
fetchBlockStmt :: Query
fetchBlockStmt = [sql|SELECT block FROM article_stg WHERE id IN ?|]
fetchBlocks :: Connection -> [Integer] -> IO [Block]
fetchBlocks conn = query conn fetchBlockStmt . Only . In
-- question: how do you convert the string returned into a Block value?
instance FromRow Block where
fromRow = fromJust . decode . BL.pack <$> field
-- with fetch blocks, fetch the blocks and print them out
printBlocks :: [Block] -> IO ()
printBlocks = mapM_ (BL.putStrLn . encodePretty)
-- examine the blocks that did not parse. What fields (that DatedArticle cares
-- about) are optional?
main' :: [String] -> IO ()
main' ids =
withConnection (\conn -> fetchBlocks conn (map read ids) >>= printBlocks)
>>> main' (words "14 81 82 98 99 100")
... blah blah blah ... then:
"lastupdated": {
"rfc2822": null,
"uts": null,
"iso8601": null
So we know that lastupdated is (kinda) optional.
Let's roll that change into the data type and try it again.
Lather, rinse, repeat until we have a clean and complete upload.
next iteration, article 82:
"prologue": null,
And article 81:
"keywords": [
"naval air station oceana",
"air show",
"air force",
"blue angels",
-- huh, that's going to be a doozy to fix.
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