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module Y2018.M01.D22.Solution where
The P99 or the 99 Prolog problems are a wealth of 'how to do x' in logic
A lot of these problems Haskell solves already (e.g. in Data.List or Data.Map)
but some of the fun is defining the solution yourself or finding that library
function you didn't know existed.
Here's one: P21:
Insert an element at a given position into a list.
?- insert_at(alfa,[a,b,c,d],2,L).
L = [a,alfa,b,c,d]
or, put into Haskell-y terms:
insertAt :: a -> [a] -> Int -> [a]
insertAt elt list 0 = elt:list
insertAt elt (h:t) n = h:insertAt elt t (pred n)
insertAt elt [] n = [elt] -- if that's the way you want to go...
>>> insertAt "alfa" (words "a b c d") 2
>>> insertAt "alfa" (words "a b c d") 20
>>> insertAt "alfa" (words "a b c d") 0
n.b. Prolog is 1-indexed, Haskell is 0-indexed. You see here I went with
Haskell's 0-index, but you can define the solution how-so-ever suits you.
Also note that any negative number indicates you're going to the end of the
>>> insertAt "alfa" (words "a b c d") (-1)
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