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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Y2018.M04.D17.Solution where
So, yesterday we had a bunch of JSON from various periodicals, but they were
all in the same JSON format, which made it simple to upload them into a common
Today, we have JSON, but in a different format, that we need to upload into
that database, so, let's do it! YES!
Also, the size is different, so it will be compressed this time, FER SHUR!
import qualified Codec.Compression.GZip as GZ
import Data.Aeson
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as BL
import Data.Char (ord)
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
-- below imports available via 1HaskellADay git repository
import Store.SQL.Connection
import Y2018.M04.D16.Solution
data ViceArticles = VA { arts :: [Vice] }
data Vice = Vice { vid :: Integer, vart :: String }
deriving Show
-- of course, Vice has a hashed id, but oh, well. Use its idx, instead
-- The articles are in this directory:
viceDir :: FilePath
viceDir = "Y2018/M04/D17/compressed/"
-- and the files are:
vices :: [FilePath]
vices = map (("vice-" ++) . (++ ".json")) (words "rands tops")
-- remember to add ".gz" but I did that for ya yesterday.
instance FromJSON Vice where
parseJSON (Object o) = Vice <$> o .: "idx" <*> o .: "body"
instance FromJSON ViceArticles where
parseJSON (Object o) = VA <$> o .: "arts"
vice2Art :: Vice -> IxArt
vice2Art (Vice i b) = IA (show i) (map replaceNonASCII b)
replaceNonASCII :: Char -> Char
replaceNonASCII c = if ord c > 127 then ' ' else c
-- parse in the vice articles then save them to the articles database.
-- Of course, first, you need to add "VIC" as a publisher and the vices
-- as file types to the database. See yesterday's exercise and do that.
readVices :: FilePath -> IO [IxArt]
readVices =
fmap (map vice2Art . arts . fromJust . decode . GZ.decompress)
. BL.readFile . (++ ".gz")
>>> json <- readVices (viceDir ++ "rands.json")
>>> length json
>>> (ix &&& take 50 . text) $ head json
("869"," It was hate on first sight. This dude was sitting")
-- with the above readVices function, you should be able to call main'' and go!
So now we do the set-up and delivery.
>>> withConnection ARCHIVE (\c -> insertSourceFiles c (map Src vices) >>
void (insertPubs c [Pub "VIC"]))
... and then ...
>>> main'' readVices (viceDir:vices)
etlArticleSet start...
... done.