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module Y2018.M06.D08.Exercise where
import Data.Time
Okay, we got this here dater.txt file, and we wish to view these columns of
data as rows of data. That is to say: transpose this matrix.
But with a twist, see? Because the date-times are internally separated by
spaces as well, so we need the date-times as date-time units, not as date in
one row and time in another row, because that's all awkward, as real-world dater
is wont to be.
So you have this here dater:
dater, exDir :: FilePath
dater = "dater1.txt"
exDir = "Y2018/M06/D08/"
-- read in the dater and transpose it so I can look at without going cross-eyed
data Dater =
Dater { id :: Integer, fln :: String, received :: Day, record :: Integer}
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
readDater :: FilePath -> IO [Dater]
readDater file = undefined
{-- BONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------
Now SOME of the daters aren't formatted so friendly-like. Read those in, too,
even, belike.
cleanThenReadDater :: FilePath -> IO [Dater]
cleanThenReadDater file = undefined
-- here are the other daters:
otherDaters :: [FilePath]
otherDaters = map (("dater" ++) . (++ ".txt")) (words "2 3 4")
-- Now that you have read in these daters, are there any records that are the
-- same across dater-sets? Are there any fln's that are the same?