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module Y2018.M10.D24.Exercise where
Today, let's go a little Turing Tarpit.
Create an interpreter (or compiler, if you prefer) for the following BF
See the above link for the meaning of these instructions. Also, I'm ignoring
input for now, because I just don't like it. Modify the memory directly instead
of input.
You need a memory pointer, right? Do you need a program counter?
data BFState = BF { ptr :: Int, mem :: [Int] }
-- of course, you can't see the machine's state. That's cheating.
-- given the initial state of the machine to be this:
init :: BFState
init = BF 0 ([72,101,108,108,111,44,32,119,111,114,108,100,33] ++ repeat 0)
-- what does the following bf program do?
type BFProgram = String
bfprogram1 :: BFProgram
bfprogram1 = "[.>]"
-- write a bf program that zeros out an initial state up to the first zero
-- encountered, ... given that the memory cell under ptr is not zero
bfprogram2 :: BFProgram
bfprogram2 = undefined
-- what is the state of init after running it through bfprogram2?
-- so, of course, we need an interpreter (or a compiler) that runs bf programs:
bfinterpreter :: BFProgram -> BFState -> BFState
bfinterpreter program state0 = undefined
-- Maybe we'll look at factorial tomorrow? Maybe by writing a program that
-- writes BF programs?