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module Y2019.M02.D18.Exercise where
Given a set of letters and a word-dictionary (that you locate), come up with
a set of 3-letter words, 4-letter words, ... n-letter words from those letters.
Rule: you can use each letter only once.
So, for example, given:
The following (and more) words are returned:
Do not return 1- or 2-letter words.
I have a word-dictionary on my computer I use, you may find your own
import Data.Char (toLower) -- ... this might help
import Data.Map (Map)
import Data.Set (Set)
wordDictionary :: FilePath
wordDictionary = "/usr/share/dict/words"
-- Problem 1: return 3+-letter words
type WordsByLength = Map Int (Set String)
type Dict = WordsByLength
wordsByLength :: FilePath -> IO Dict
wordsByLength dict = undefined
-- returns { (3, set of three-letter words), ...}
wordsFrom :: Dict -> String -> WordsByLength
wordsFrom dict letters = undefined
-- e.g.: wordsFrom dict "meiosp"
-- ->> {(3,["sop","sip","sim","pie"]),(4,["some","mops","pose"]), ...}
-- this function may help:
wordContainsOnly :: String -> String -> Bool
wordContainsOnly letters word = undefined
Returns true if word uses some of the characters of letters only once, so:
>>> wordContainsOnly "meiosp" "hello"
>>> wordContainsOnly "meiosp" "me"
>>> wordContainsOnly "meiosp" "mess"
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