collection of python tools for standard MT data processing
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A Python toolbox for standard MT data processing

For an updated version of MTpy with more features and less clutter, but probably more buggy, checkout the beta version.


$ python install

If you have setuptools installed, we suggest you use:

$ python develop




MTpy is licensed under the GPL version 3

The license agreement is contained in the repository and should be kept together with the code.

Copyright: Lars Krieger, Jared Peacock, Kent Inverarity, Alison Kirkby; Adelaide, 2013


  1. MTpy uses E- and B-fields (although the sensors may be confusingly named as H-sensors in EDI files)
  2. [E] = microvolts/meter (muV/m)
  3. [B] = nanotesla (nT)
  4. [Z] = [E]/[B] = km/s
  5. Apparent resistivty rho = 0.2 * T * |Z|^2 (in Ohm m)
  6. Angles are given in degrees (mod 360)
  7. EDI files can contain data in Z- or rho/phi-form
  8. EDI files contain data from one station only
  9. Coordinates are handled in decimal degrees (converted when reading)
  10. Time stamps refer to UTC
  11. Internal coordinates: X = North, Y = East
  12. Rotations are interpreted clockwise (mathematically negative)
  13. 0 degrees azimuth = North