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$ npm install geonames-stream


Note: you will need node and npm installed first.

The easiest way to install node.js is with by executing [sudo] ./ usemain stable


You can extract the geonames on-the-fly while you're still downloading the file:

var geonames = require('geonames-stream'),
    request = require('request');

request.get( '' )
  .pipe( geonames.pipeline )
  .pipe( geonames.stringify )
  .pipe( process.stdout );

Or you can go old-school and work with files on disk:

var geonames = require('geonames-stream'),
    fs = require('fs');

// wget
fs.createReadStream( '' )
  .pipe( geonames.pipeline )
  .pipe( geonames.stringify )
  .pipe( process.stdout );

Roll your own

The easiest way to get started writing your own pipes is to use through2; just make sure you call next().

var geonames = require('geonames-stream'),
    request = require('request'),
    through = require('through2');

request.get( '' )
  .pipe( geonames.pipeline )
  .pipe( through.obj( function( data, enc, next ){
    console.log( data._id,, data.population );
2189529 Invercargill 47287
2189530 Invercargill 0
2189531 Inveagh Bay 0
2189532 Inumia Stream 0


The streams output objects which look like this:

  "_id": "2179348",
  "name": "Whananaki",
  "asciiname": "Whananaki",
  "alternatenames": [],
  "latitude": "-35.5",
  "longitude": "174.45",
  "feature_class": "P",
  "feature_code": "PPL",
  "country_code": "NZ",
  "cc2": "",
  "admin1_code": "F6",
  "admin2_code": "002",
  "admin3_code": "",
  "admin4_code": "",
  "population": "0",
  "elevation": "",
  "dem": "59",
  "timezone": "Pacific/Auckland",
  "modification_date": "2011-08-01"

The generic pipeline

The module comes with a prebuild processing pipeline to make life easier:

var pipeline = bun([ unzip(), split(), parser(), modifiers() ]);

If you need more control, you can re-wire things as you wish; say.. maybe you didn't want the unzip step?

var geonames = require('geonames-stream'),
    request = require('request'),
    split = require('split');

request.get( '' )
  // .pipe( geonames.unzip() ) I don't want the unzip step
  .pipe( split() )
  .pipe( geonames.parser() )
  .pipe( geonames.modifiers() )
  .pipe( geonames.stringify )
  .pipe( process.stdout );

NPM Module

The geonames-stream npm module can be found here:


Please fork and pull request against upstream master on a feature branch.

Pretty please; provide unit tests and script fixtures in the test directory.

Running Unit Tests

$ npm test

Continuous Integration

Travis tests every release against Node.js versions 4 and 6.

Build Status