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Tool for dumping VDV 451 data into a postgres database
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Tool for dumping VDV 451 data into a database

This is intended to quickly analyze the content of a collection of VDV files in the VDV 451 format. By running this script a new schema is created and filled with one table per input file. Alternatively an existing schema may be used. All data from the files will be dumped into the tables.

After creating the tables and importing data you may also add definitions to the schema using a SQL-script specified by the --post_ingest_script parameter.

We provide a sample script in vdv2pg/apply_constraints.sql that creates some known constraints for a schema following the VDV 452 standard.


pip install vdv2pg


usage: vdv2pg [-h] [--schema SCHEMA] [--append]
              [--post_ingest_script POST_INGEST_SCRIPT] [-l LOGLEVEL]
              database_url input_file [input_file ...]

positional arguments:
  database_url          Database to write to.
  input_file            Files to read data from

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --schema SCHEMA       Schema to create tables in (default: vdv2pg)
  --append              Append to existing tables instead of creating a new
  --post_ingest_script POST_INGEST_SCRIPT
                        Optional path to a SQL script applied after
                        ingesting the data
  -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel LOGLEVEL
                        Control verbosity, possible values: DEBUG, INFO,
                        WARNING, ERROR


Import into a new schema and execute vdv2pg/apply_constraints.sql on success:

vdv2pg --schema=vdv --post_ingest_script=vdv2pg/apply_constraints.sql \
    postgresql:///vdv_imports *.X10

Update existing tables in the vdv schema:

vdv2pg --schema=vdv --append postgresql:///vdv_imports *.X10
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