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GeoHealthCheck (GHC) is a Service Status and QoS Checker for OGC Web Services and web APIs in general. See also the full GHC documentation.

Easiest is to run GHC using Docker. Below a quick overview of a manual install on Unix-based systems like Apple MacOS and Linux.

virtualenv GeoHealthCheck && cd $_
. bin/activate
git clone
cd GeoHealthCheck
pip install Paver
# setup installation
paver setup
# generate secret key
paver create_secret_key
# setup local configuration (overrides GeoHealthCheck/
vi instance/
# edit at least secret key:
# - SECRET_KEY  # copy/paste result string from paver create_secret_key

# Optional: edit other settings or leave defaults
# - GHC_MAP (or use default settings)

# setup database and superuser account interactively 
paver create

# start webserver with healthcheck runner daemon inside 
# (default is
python GeoHealthCheck/  
# or start webserver on another port
python GeoHealthCheck/
# or start webserver on another IP
python GeoHealthCheck/

# OR start webserver and separate runner daemon (scheduler) process
vi instance/
python GeoHealthCheck/ & 
python GeoHealthCheck/  

# next: use a real webserver or preferably Docker for production

# other commands
# drop database
python GeoHealthCheck/ drop

# load data in database (WARN: deletes existing data!)
# See example data .json files in tests/data
python GeoHealthCheck/ load <.json data file> [y/n]

More in the full GHC documentation.

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