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User Plugins

GHC User Plugins can add new Probes and Checks or extend existing ones.

Via Docker

When using Docker, Plugins need to be available under /GeoHealthCheck/GeoHealthCheck/plugins within the GHC Docker Image or Container.

You can choose to add your Plugins to the GHC Docker Image at build-time or to the GHC Docker Container at run-time. The latter method is preferred as you can use the standard GHC Docker Image from Docker Hub. In both cases your Plugin-modules and classes need to be configured in the GHC GHC_USER_PLUGINS Environment variable.

At Image build-time

The following steps:

  • place your Plugins within the sub-directory user
  • do regular Docker build docker build -t geopython/geohealthcheck .

During the build Docker will ADD (copy) this dir to /plugins within the GHC Docker Image. The script will then move /plugins to the app-dir /GeoHealthCheck/GeoHealthCheck/plugins.

At Container run-time (preferred)

The following steps:

  • place your Plugins within this directory (or any other dir on your host)
  • make a Docker Volume mapping from this dir to the Container internal dir /plugins
  • specify your Plugins via Container Environment as GHC_USER_PLUGINS: (comma-separated string of modules and/or classes)
  • within GHC_USER_PLUGINS the Python package GeoHealthCheck.plugins is needed as prefix

Example via docker-compose.yml:

    image: geopython/geohealthcheck:latest
      - 8083:80
    # Override settings to enable email notifications
       GHC_USER_PLUGINS: 'GeoHealthCheck.plugins.user.myplugins'
      - ghc_sqlitedb:/GeoHealthCheck/DB
      - Path on the host, relative to the Compose file
      - ./../plugins:/plugins:ro

Or if you run the Image via docker run :

docker run -d --name GeoHealthCheck -p 8083:80 \
         -v ghc_sqlitedb:/GeoHealthCheck/DB \
         -v ./plugins:/plugins:ro \
         -e 'GHC_USER_PLUGINS=GeoHealthCheck.plugins.user.myplugins'

When the Container starts it will copy all content under /plugins to the internal dir /GeoHealthCheck/GeoHealthCheck/plugins.