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#179 extend w.r.t. docker-compose and PG deployment

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justb4 committed Dec 24, 2017
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@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ Postgres/PostGIS as database (recommended).
See the [Docker Compose Documentation](
for more info.
*Note that the `docker-compose` YAML files below are meant as examples to be adapted to your*
*local deployment situation.*
### Using sqlite DB (default)
Using the default [docker-compose.yml](compose/docker-compose.yml) will run GHC with a SQLite DB.
@@ -110,6 +113,18 @@ psql -h postgis_ghc -U ghc ghc
The PG DB data is kept in a Docker volume usually located at
NB you may want to remove the port mapping `5432:5432` for the `postgis` container (it is not
required for GHC and may expose a security issue).
It is then still possible to access your database, like via psql, by figuring out
the Docker host IP address on your Docker host as follows:
export PGHOST=`sudo docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' postgis`
psql -U ghc ghc
## Cronjobs
Cronjobs via `docker-compose` are scheduled using [Jobber Cron](

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