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English version of the Geopython workshop
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Doing Geospatial in Python



The workshop requires Docker and Docker Compose on your system

Docker Images

The Docker Images for this workshop are available on DockerHub. The name of the workshop Image is geopython/geopython-workshop[:latest]. Note that the Docker Images contain mainly all (Python) components/dependencies. The actual workshop content (data+notebooks) will be Docker-Volume-mounted.

You may always build a Docker Image from this repo yourself:

git clone geopython-workshop.git
cd geopython-workshop.git/workshop/jupyter


All services are started using a Docker Compose file.

cd workshop
./ start
./ url

# Browse to the resulting URL of running url for workshop Jupyter Notebooks
# Browse to http://127.0.01:5000 for workshop pygeoapi service
# Browse to http://127.0.01:8001 for workshop pycsw service
# NB Possibly best if we add a frontend or use docs ("home") as entrypoint
./ stop

NB Jupyter notebook needs a token. The token is displayed on startup:<longtokenhexstring>.

As Docker Compose may run in background you can make logging output visible via docker logs --follow geopython-workshop-jupyter .

Bugs and Issues

All bugs, enhancements and issues are managed on GitHub.


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