Meetings 2017 05 10

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Wednesday 10 May 2017 1200h UTC


Agenda (Draft)

  1. Review of action items
  2. pyfes status/update
  3. Python 3 based packages
  4. Docker integration
  5. release planning (2.2.0, 2.0.3)
  6. roadmap (2.4.0)


@kalxas - Angelos Tzotsos
@ricardogsilva - Ricardo Garcia Silva
@tomkralidis - Tom Kralidis


  1. Review of action items from last meeting

    • A: Codecov experimentation - DONE - @ricardogsilva has been experimenting with codecov in other projects and it seems like it would be a good addition to pycsw. Both unit and functional tests are up for integration. A decision has been made to go ahead and integrate codecov with pycsw. @ricardogsilva will take care of this. Work will be tracked on issue #511 - ACTION A. @ricardogsilva will also add a build badge to the README (see issue #512)

    • B: Dropping python 2.6 from master - DONE - @tomkralidis removed support for python 2.6 from Travis builds, as per issue #502. No complaints so far from any users. Release 2.2.0 will feature a statement to inform users that python2.6 support has been dropped.

    • C: Open ticket for tracking python3 packaging - DONE - @tomkralidis has opened issue #504 and this will be used for tracking progress on the python3 packaging stuff. @kalxas plans to pick this up during the 2.2.0 release cycle

  2. pyfes status/update

    @ricardogsilva has made some small progress. Most FES2.0 operators have been implemented. FES1 support is still missing. We'd all like pyfes to move faster, but devs are currently busy with other on-going projects, so progress is likely to be a bit slow (but steady nonetheless). @ricardogsilva is aiming to have more solid progress by mid June 2017

  3. Python 3 based packages

    @kalxas will be picking this task up for the 2.2.0 release, issue #504 will track progress.

  4. Docker integration

    @ricardogsilva has submitted a PR to the geocontainers project with an updated pycsw image. This led to a discussion on how to cope with multiple releases and if we should be distributing an official pycsw docker image. No decision has been made. We'll revisit this topic on the next meeting.

    Post-meeting input from @rsignel came with a reccomendation that the axiom pycsw image be taken to consideration too.

  5. Release planning

    We'll release a beta for version 2.2.0 in the short term. Tentatively before the end of May. After that a Release Candidate version. Final 2.2.0 release date is still to be defined.

  6. Roadmap for version 2.4.0

    Some fixes and features have been discussed, but no compromise on a roadmap for 2.4.0 has been made. Stuff that would be nice to have in the near future:

    • refactor pycsw-admin - This will be a breaking change so it is suitable for version 3.0.0

    • Release pyfes and refactor pycsw to use it. - This seems like something for 3.0.0 too, as a lot of pycsw internals will be affected

    • Fix OAI-PMH support

    • Add postgresql tests to our CI

  7. Update OSGEO docs on pycsw related materials

    OSGEO has called for all projects to update their respective materials until early June. @kalxas will be handling this work. Tracking will be done on OSGEO's issue tracker.


  • Lets get 2.2.0 release cycle started


A: @ricardogsilva will integrate codecov into pycsw's CI

Next meeting

Next meeting should happen in about 4 weeks - probably on 12th June @13h UTC

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