Meetings 2018 10 01

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Monday 01 October 2018 12h UTC


Agenda (Draft)

  1. review of previous meeting actions
  2. debrief of pycsw 3 roadmap / dev meeting
  3. other business


@kalxas, @capooti, @allixender, @tomkralidis, @francbartoli (mid-way)


  • pycsw / GeoNode common model discussed at GeoNode meeting in Dar
  • need to discuss in context of CSW4 (DCAT)?
  • @capooti to advise at next GeoNode meeting
  • we need a core model based on lessons learned/examples from pycsw, GeoNode, HHypermap, geocatalogo, QGIS
  • pycsw 3 roadmap / dev Athens meeting
  • continue to consider minimum requirements
  • backends:
    1. SQLite (no FTS)
    2. PostgreSQL (PostGIS) + FTS
    3. PostgreSQL + external index
    4. ES only
  • should pycsw 3 support CSW 2.x?
  • should we keep MySQL support?
  • OWSLib needed for new parsers, clients as well



  • A1: @capooti / @kalxas to table common model at next GeoNode meeting
  • A2: @tomkralidis to report back from CSW4 SWG meeting

Next meeting


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