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Project Graduation Checklist

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Incubation Checklist

Last updated: 2015-02-16


The project has demonstrated that it has an open, active and healthy user and developer community:

  1. Open: projects are expected to function in an open and public manner and include:
  1. Active and healthy community:

Copyright and License

We need to ensure that the project owns or otherwise has obtained the ability to release the project code by completing the following steps:

  1. [x] All project source code is available under an Open Source license.
  1. [x] Project documentation is available under an open license. Eg. Creative Commons
  1. [x] The project code, documentation and data has been adequately vetted to assure it is all properly licensed, and a copyright notice included. As per a Provenance Review
  1. [x] The project maintains a list of all copyright holders identified in the Provenance Review Document.
  1. [x] All code contributors have agreed to abide by the project's license policy, and this agreement has been documented and archived.


  1. [x] The project has code under configuration management. Eg, subversion, git.
  1. [x] The project uses an issue tracker and keeps the status of the issue tracker up to date.
  1. [x] The project has documented its management processes. This is typically done within a Developers Guide or Project Management Plan.


  1. The project has user documentation:
  1. The project has developer documentation:

Release Procedure

In order to maintain a consistent level of quality, the project should follow defined release and testing processes.

  1. The project follows a defined release process:
  1. The project follows a documented testing process.
  1. [x] Release and testing processes provide sufficient detail for an experienced programmer to follow.
  • Yes, as noted above

OSGeo Committees and Community

The OSGeo Foundation is made up of a number of committees, projects and local chapters. This section gathers up information these groups have requested from OSGeo projects. These expectations are not mandatory requirements before graduation, but a project should be prepared to address them in order to be considered a good OSGeo citizen.


The OSGeo Board holds ultimate responsibility for all OSGeo activities. The Board requests:

  1. [x] A project provide a Project Officer as a contact point:
  • The project officer is Angelos Tzotsos
  • The Project Officer should be listed at Officers and Board of Directors and Contacts
  • This person is established when the incubation committee recommends the project for graduation
  • Your community can change the project officer as needed. Add an agenda item to the next board meeting so they can recognise the change of officer.


Access to OSGeo's Marketing_Committee and associated Marketing Pipeline is one of the key benefits of joining the OSGeo foundation. The Marketing Committee requests:

  1. [x] Marketing artefacts have been created about the project in line with the incubation criteria listed in the OSGeo Marketing Committee's Marketing Artefacts. This lists the documentation requirements for OSGeo-Live. Marketing Artefacts include:
  • Application Overview
  • Application Quick Start
  • Logo
  • Graphical Image
  1. [x] Ideally, stable version(s) of executable applications are bundled with appropriate distributions. In most cases, this will at least include OSGeo-Live, but may also include DebianGIS, UbuntuGIS, and/or osgeo4w, ms4w, etc.)
  • pycsw is part of OSGeo-Live, UbuntuGIS, openSUSE Application:Geo, PyPI. See


[x] Projects do not exist in isolation; and are expected to communicate and collaborate on key issues.

As an example the PostGIS release procedure asks that the release be checked with MapServer, GeoServer and others.

  • pycsw works with projects such (upstream: Shapely, OWSLib, pyproj; downstream: CKAN, GeoNode, Open Data Catalog)


The System Administration Committee is available to help infrastructure and facilities. Information for this committee is collected as part of the Project Status Template.

  1. [ ] The following should be set up:
  1. [x] A project may optionally request SAC help to make use of:
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