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pycsw Provenance Review

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About this Document

This is the pycsw code providence review, covering issues raised for each module in pycsw, during the OSGeo Incubation process. The goal here is to check the file headers (fill them in if needed) and confirm that the information is correct. The associated ticket is #275

Key Definition
:grey_question: not checked yet
:question: check in progress
:question: :heavy_exclamation_mark: check is stuck, header or license requires developer attention
:white_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: checked, all clear
:white_check_mark: :heavy_exclamation_mark: checked, warning (missing information)
:white_check_mark: :bangbang: checked, fix me! requires developer attention

A typical pycsw header can be found in

1. Manual Review

1a. Source Code


















1b. Documentation

Documentation is expected to be under a license such as Creative Commons by Attribution:

1c. Data

This is the data we distribute, we want to ensure we have obtained permission. The priority is the data bundled with our application.



2. Automated Review

The manual review should be backed up with an automated QA check.

Searches Used

# find all code files
find . -type f -name "*.py"
# find all code files that do not have copyright assigned
find . -name "*.py" | xargs egrep -L -i -H '(.+)Copyright \(c\) 2015 (.+)'
# find all code files with code snippets which are lifted from elsewhere
find . -type f -name "*.py" | xargs egrep "\#.*http"

3. Copyright Holders

This is a list compiled through the Provenance Review, of all copyright holders listed in the source files. This list is of essentially everyone who would need to agree to relicense the project.

Copyright Holder Component
Tom Kralidis Overall
Angelos Tzotsos INSPIRE, APISO profiles, Packaging
Adam Hinz WSGI/Server Deployment
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