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Build Status

pygeoapi provides an API to geospatial data


virtualenv -p python pygeoapi
cd pygeoapi
. bin/activate
git clone
cd pygeoapi
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
pip install -e .
cp pygeoapi-config.yml local.config.yml
vi local.config.yml
# TODO: what is most important to edit?
export PYGEOAPI_CONFIG=/path/to/local.config.yml
# generate OpenAPI Document
pygeoapi generate-openapi-document -c local.config.yml > openapi.yml
export PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI=/path/to/openapi.yml
pygeoapi serve

Example requests

Try the swagger ui at http://localhost:5000/ui


# feature collection metadata
curl http://localhost:5000/
# conformance
curl http://localhost:5000/conformance
# feature collection
curl http://localhost:5000/collections/countries
# feature collection limit 100
curl http://localhost:5000/collections/countries/items?limit=100
# feature
curl http://localhost:5000/collections/countries/items/1
# number of hits
curl http://localhost:5000/collections/countries/items?resulttype=hits

Exploring with Swagger UI

docker pull swaggerapi/swagger-ui
docker run -p 80:8080 swaggerapi/swagger-ui
# go to http://localhost
# enter http://localhost:5000/api and click 'Explore'


Docker folder contains 2 sub-folders:

  • Simple
  • Compose

First folder will create a simple docker image with only GeoJSON, CSV as SQLite providers. While the second folder contains a full docker composition to run pygeoapi with ES.

For simple testing and demonstration is more convenient to use the simple image.

Docker images have the following settings:

  • Alpine edge OS
  • spatialite compilation 4.3.0a
  • pygeoapi running on port 5000

Simple (image)

Simple sub folder contains a simple implementation of pygeoapi with out ES (only: GeoJSON, CSV and SQLite provider).

cd docker/simple
docker build -t pygeoapi:latest .
docker run -p5000:5000 -v /pygeoapi/tests/data pygeoapi:latest

Docker (composition)

Docker folder contains a docker-composition necessary to build a minimal pygeoapi using the complete set of providers providers (ES needs to be run as a separated service). Composition is only for development and testing in local environment:


  • official elasticsearch: 5.6.8 on CentosOS 7
  • ports 9300 and 9200

Elasticsearch requires the host system to have its virtual memory parameter (max_map_count) here

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

If the docker composition fails with the following error:

docker_elastic_search_1 exited with code 78

it is very likely that you forgot to setup the sysctl

Building and Running composition:

To build and run the composition in localhost

cd docker/compose
sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
docker-compose build
docker-compose up 

Testing code

Unit tests are run using pytest on the top project folder:

pytest tests

Environment variables are set on file pytest.ini