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Code Sprint 2018 Bonn

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Bonn , Germany, FOSSGIS


2018-03-18 - 2016-03-25


  • @mcpingu
  • @tomkralidis
  • @jorgejesus
  • @ldesousa

Things discussed

  • Process deployment in production

    • Auto loading of process would be much useful to avoid restarting a running service.
    • Carlsten will write up an issue describing a method to address this.
  • OSGeo-Live

    • Tom reviews the issues
    • Luís volunteered to do it in the following days
  • OSGeo incubation

    • Tom will write documentation proposing the graduation of the project.
    • We are still needing developer documentation (explain main classes, main modules, etc)
  • WPS 2.0 and ReST

    • ReST API for WPS 2.0 could be ready soon.
    • Strategically it makes more sense to tackle the ReST API right away.
  • OGC reference implementation

    • need to apply
    • pass the CITE tests
    • run CITE tests against demo instance
  • Repository management

    • At this time it is not clear we profit from having both the master and develop branches - proposal sent to the PSC to merge the two branches.
    • Major and minor releases will continue to be marked as tags. Releases branches will be created ad hoc to incorporate bug fixes, but only when needed.

Things done

  • Reviewed issue backlog - down from over 40 to 23 open issues.
  • Re-hashed issues for a short term release of version 4.2.0.
  • More complex issues were pushed back to version 4.4.0.
  • Code of conduct added to the repository.
  • New release policy voted and implemented:
    • develop merged into master, with master now the main, and only, development branch;
    • new releases still to be marked simply with tags;
    • if back-ports are required, a new branch is created from the respective release.
  • PyWPS proposed for graduation
  • Carsten Ehbrecht proposed as new PSC member

Ideas to follow up


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