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Dutch topo-data (BRT/Top10NL) to PostGIS

In this example Dutch topodata (BRT/Top10NL) is converted to PostGIS. This example was the base for the full implementation in the NLExtract project where it will be maintained more actively.

This example is outdated. For a production version see https://github.com/nlextract/NLExtract/tree/master/top10nl/etl

Notes - kept for historic reasons

This example shows how to convert the Dutch national topographic dataset Top10NL (v1.1.1) GML to PostGIS.

NB this is an example. The official and actively maintained Top10NL extract prog is now part of the NLExtract project and located at: https://github.com/nlextract/NLExtract/tree/master/top10nl/etl !!

The entire ETL is driven through the file etl-top10nl.cfg without any programming (except for the XSLT step). The script etl-top10nl.sh is a shortcut to call Stetl main.py.

This example also uses the "custom parameters" feature.

A config file will in many cases have parameters that are varying often: database parameters, input file names etc. To prevent making a new config file for each variant and to allow higher level programs to have their own parameter-conventions, a simple string substitution mechanism is used:

parameters within the .cfg file that are provided externally can be specified with Python-based formatting values, e.g. {host}, {port}. When calling main.py with the -a "" option these values are substituted, for example:

main.py -c myetl.cfg -a "host=localhost port=5432"

There are 3 chains:

  • SQL pre-processing: dropping tables, optionally creating a (non-public) PG schema
  • the actual ETL-chain, using GML streaming, assembling, XSLT and finally ogr2ogr
  • SQL post-processing : removing duplicates

See also etl-top10nl.cfg and etl-top10nl.sh for more details.

(top10-nlextract.sh is here for testing/comparing with the existing ETL via nlextract.nl).

top10extract.py is a simple wrapper to test if we can keep the same commandline parameters when using Stetl for Top10-extract (see www.nlextract.nl).

To test: a PostGIS database named top10nl with same user/pw needs to exist. Data will be written in the schema "test".