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geOrchestra on Docker

Quick Start

Grab a machine with a decent amount of RAM (at least 8Gb, better with 12 or 16Gb).

Install a recent docker & docker-compose version (not from your distro, these packages are probably too old).

Clone this repo and its submodule using:

git clone https://github.com/georchestra/docker.git
cd docker && git submodule update --init --remote

Edit your /etc/hosts file with the following:	georchestra.mydomain.org

Run geOrchestra with

docker-compose up

Open https://georchestra.mydomain.org/ in your browser.

To login, use these credentials:

  • testuser / testuser
  • testadmin / testadmin

To upload data into the GeoServer data volume (geoserver_geodata), use rsync:

rsync -arv -e 'ssh -p 2222' /path/to/geodata/ geoserver@georchestra.mydomain.org:/mnt/geoserver_geodata/

(password is: geoserver)

Files uploaded into this volume will also be available to the geoserver instance in /mnt/geoserver_geodata/.

Emails sent by the SDI (eg when users request a new password) will not be relayed on the internet but trapped by a local SMTP service.
These emails can be read on https://georchestra.mydomain.org/webmail/ (with login smtp and password smtp).

Stop geOrchestra with

docker-compose down


These docker-compose files describe:

  • which images / webapps will run,
  • how they are linked together,
  • where the configuration and data volumes are

The docker-compose.override.yml file adds services to interact with your geOrchestra instance (they are not part of geOrchestra "core"):

  • reverse proxy / load balancer
  • ssh / rsync services,
  • smtp, webmail.

Feel free to comment out the apps you do not need.

The base docker composition does not include any standalone geowebcache instance, nor the atlas module. If you need them, you have to include a complementary docker-compose file at run-time:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.override.yml -f docker-compose.other-apps.yml up


Images and configuration are updated regularly.

To upgrade, we recommend you to:

  • update the configuration with git submodule update --remote
  • update the software with docker-compose pull


Adjust the configuration in the config folder according to your needs. Reading the quick configuration guide might help !

Most changes will require a service restart, except maybe updating viewer contexts & addons (F5 will do).


Images used in the current composition are pulled from docker hub, which means they've been compiled by our CI. In case you have to build these images by yourself (for instance, to rely on stable branches), please refer to the docker images build instructions.