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A webapp with a public interface and a private one, which allows to manage users and roles.

All strings and templates should take into account i18n (3 langs by default: en/es/fr)

Public UI

The public UIs will be accessed:

  • from the CAS login page, by the way of text links: "lost password ?" and "create account".
  • from every SDI page, by clicking on the username: "Edit user details"

These pages should be light (no need to ship ExtJS).

Lost Password

The page asks for user email. An optional email parameter can be passed to preset the email field (eg: /console/account/passwordRecovery?email=user@domain.tld).

If the given email matches one of the LDAP users:

  • an email is sent to this user with a unique https URL to reset his password (eg: /console/account/changePassword?token=54f23f27f6c5f23c68b9b5f9650839dc)
  • the page displays "an email was sent".
  • On the /console/account/changePassword page:
    • server-side check that token is valid (postgresql storage). If not, HTTP 400.
    • two fields ask for new password (client-side check for equality)
    • on form submission:
      • check that token is valid. If not, HTTP 400.
      • the old password is discarded and replaced with the new one
      • the new page shows "password updated".

If the given email does not match one from the LDAP:

  • nothing happens server side
  • the page displays "an email was sent" (even if no email was sent).

Create account

The page shows a form with typical fields: name, org, title, email, phone nb, details. The user will be able to pick a strong password (must have at least one of: special char, letters and numbers). Password field will be repeated 2 times (client-side check for equality).

There's also a captcha (for instance based on to prevent batch form submissions.

Once submitted, the form disappears and a (configurable) message says something like "Your request has been submitted and should be processed in the next hours. Watch your email."

What happens here ?

  • Depending on a "MODERATED_SIGNUP" config option, new users will be recorded in the LDAP and affected to :
    • the PENDING role if MODERATED_SIGNUP = true. An admin will then be able to move them to USERS role.
    • the USERS role if MODERATED_SIGNUP = false.
  • An email will be sent to one email address (configurable), saying that new users need an account.

Edit user details

Two pages:

  • First one (default one): users should be able to edit a subset of LDAP fields, namely: sn, givenName, phone, facsimile, o, title, postalAddress (not mail). On this page, there will be a link to the userPassword change page.
  • userPassword change UI: will display 3 fields. The first one is the current user password, the two other ones are for the new one. If the two latest fields do not match (client-side check), the user won't be able to submit the form and the "new password mismatch" message will be displayed. If the current password is wrong (server side check), the form will be redisplayed with clean fields, and a message will display "invalid password".

System Requirements

  • LDAP Server
  • Postgresql

For the web container: Tomcat 7, or Maven Jetty (no need to install)

Get a pair of ReCaptcha keys

By default, geOrchestra uses global keys.

To fight spam robots, it may be safer to get a proper pair of keys for your site. Go to and create a pair of private/public keys. Quoting the documentation, unless you select the "global key" option, the keys are unique to your domain and sub-domains.

Once created, set the following console parameters with the value of the keys:

  • privateKey
  • publicKey

See the configuration guide for details on how to configure these two parameters.

Set of required fields

The console configuration, in the config module, contains a requiredFields parameter that defaults to firstName,surname,email,uid,password,confirmPassword. Adding other fields, separated by commas, will make them mandatory in new account and edit forms. Note that this parameter only affects public UI.

For example, to impose the "Organisation" and "Title" fields to be not empty, set the following parameter in console config


The possible values are: firstName, surname, phone, facsimile, org, title, description, postalAddress.

Note that email, uid, password and confirmPassword are always required.



mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Create the eclipse project

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Run (Testing)

Testing purpose:

Alternatively, run with jetty:

  • the first time, you need to previously compile console and all its dependencies

    $ mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Ptemplate -P-all,console install;
  • then, each time you want to test a change in the configuration or the console module:

    $ cd config
    $ mvn -Ptemplate install
    $ cd ../console
    $ mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Ptemplate jetty:run
  • Then point your navigator to the following address : http://localhost:8286/console/manager/

Running console with jetty will change web server port to 8286 (in order to integrate with others georchestra instance : CAS, security proxy, ...)

Protected Users

You can specify several user accounts that you want to protect against deletion or modification. For this purpose, you have 'listOfprotectedUsers' property. This property holds a comma separated list of uid corresponding to users accounts that should be protected.

Default value is : 'geoserver_privileged_user' (which is a privileged user, internally used) but you can override this in config template with key : "protectedUserList"

Example :


(Note that there is no space around comma !)

This will add following users to default protected list of users :

  • hidden_admin_user
  • hidden_admin_user_trash
  • hidden_admin_user_backup

So final list of protected users will be :

  • geoserver_privileged_user
  • hidden_admin_user
  • hidden_admin_user_trash
  • hidden_admin_user_backup

Console UI

The console UI will be available at /console to users having the SUPERUSER role.

See the wireframe in the current folder.

Center pane

Dedicated to users:

  • a toolbar with a "new user" button, and a "selected users" menu item (disabled when no user is selected)
  • a scrollable grid, with a checkbox selection model, showing a subset of user attributes
  • on grid item double click, a window pops up (same as "new user" window), which allows user details editing (password change not allowed)

New User/Edit User window


  • a form for user details,
  • a tree view of roles the user belongs to, with a checkbox selection model to edit.

When creating a new user (and only in this case), a strong password will be generated and sent to the new user by email.

Left pane

Dedicated to roles:

  • tree view of roles, with intermediate nodes for role types (GN_, EL_, ...) - role types should be configurable
  • ability to filter users list by one role (on role name click)
  • button to add a new role
  • button to remove a role (users will not be deleted)


All emails sent by the application should be configurable by the way of templates, as for extractorapp.

The application should be able to find roles and users by the way of filters such as the ones used by the cas (have a look at the cas maven filters and defined by the way of the variables shared.ldap.userSearchBaseDN and shared.ldap.roleSearchBaseDN defined in config/shared.maven.filters

The userPassword LDAP field should be SSHA encrypted on creation/update.