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@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 5, 2017 · 4225 commits to master since this release

This release received important contributions from the community.
The major one being that the project delivers generic artifacts (WARs, Debian & RPM packages, Docker images), which allow for a wider distribution by removing the need for compilation.
A strong focus was also laid on infrastructure, with the integration of the docker image generation process in the main repository and also with the automation of the install process allowed by ansible.

New features:


  • extractorapp and mapfishapp now use the wfs-ng geotools module: #1267
  • analytics: improved performance on huge databases #556
  • ogc-server-statistics: logs user roles too #1108
  • ldapadmin: administrator can modify a user's uid and the user is informed by email #1109
  • ldapadmin: new TEMPORARY virtual group, holding users from the shadowAccount objectClass with a shadowExpire attribute.
  • header: new sub-menu dedicated to administrators #1010
  • mapfishapp: improved addons init #1006
  • mapfishapp: measurement tools are now an addon, see the README
  • mapfishapp: layergroup detection and reduced functionalities #1091
  • extractorapp: text file for failure instead of html file #1272
  • security-proxy: does not require clients presenting the jakarta or apache-httpclient user-agent to provide a valid basic auth #960
  • security-proxy: fix user-agent matching/authorization checking flow #1188
  • ldap: search fields indexed #881
  • dev: add configuration to run geOrchestra with multiple jetty instances #1112

Bug fixes:

  • security-proxy: fixed a long-standing issue with sessions #1069. They now last 24 hours by default #1177
  • ogc-server-statistics: does not log OGC requests to external servers anymore #1058
  • ldapadmin: blanking a field is now allowed #1086
  • ldapadmin: now allows using the plus char in email address #1128
  • ldapadmin: fixed SMTP servers refusing ICMP protocols makes the deploy fail #991
  • ldapadmin: fixed group filter not applying correctly on selections 56e350
  • ldapadmin: members of the PENDING group are not able to reset their password anymore #1002
  • ldapadmin: API returns json content-type #1115
  • ldapadmin: fixed encoding of email in URL #1129
  • ldapadmin: set restangular version in CDN #1270

According to our release policy, geOrchestra 14.06 is not supported anymore.

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