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(Yet Another) X-Wing Miniatures Squad Builder

NOTE: This builder is for First Edition ONLY! There is a fork for Second Edition.

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This is a squad builder for Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing Miniatures game, completely in HTML and JavaScript. No backend is necessary. It can theoretically be dropped into any existing site, but since it uses a lot of styling from Twitter Bootstrap it may require some CSS trickery if you're using some other incompatible framework (e.g. Foundation).

Can I save squads or share them on $SOCIAL_NETWORK?

Saving: yes, if you provide a backend that adheres to the API. See my X-Wing Backend project for an example. Sharing, no.

Aren't there other squad builders out there already?



I wanted a project to work on and screw around with stuff like HAML and Bootstrap and Select2, etc.

When will this be done?

It's an ongoing process.


  1. Install Node.js to get npm.
  2. sudo npm install -g grunt-cli to install the global Grunt CLI.
  3. npm install to install the dependencies listed in package.json.
  4. grunt to build everything into the app directory. The builder is at app/index.html.


npm test


X-Wing Miniatures is by Fantasy Flight Games. Icons and fonts originally from GeckoTH's excellent PSD, available here. X-Wing symbols and ships fonts courtesy Hinny and Josh Derksen and are available as a Bower package. Maneuver dial support by @hpanderson. Fancy printout design inspired by TheKestrel on the FFG forums. German translation by failgod and strikegun from FFG Forums. Spanish translation by evil_wins Solo from BoardGameGeek forums and negroscuro. French translation by pejuaxel. Polish translation by Bober9000. Russian translation by Foxygunische Upgrade card text integrated into printouts by wffurr. Squad name in the permalink and obstacles choice modal by zacharyp.

I'm bad at keeping this up to date; see the About section of the builder.


24 Nov 2014

  • I'm terrible at updating this.
  • XWS support.

2 Oct 2014

  • Finally, support for tracking which expansions you own.

23 Apr 2014

  • Add support for Epic play rules. Squads saved in previous versions will not remember their game mode; re-saving them should fix it.

13 Apr 2014

  • Spanish translations provided by evil_wins Solo from BoardGameGeek forums.

2 Apr 2014

  • Maneuver dials are now displayed and are updated by upgrades! Thanks to @hpanderson for the contribution.

29 Mar 2014

  • Selecting Fancy or Simple now affects what kind of printout you get.

23 Mar 2014

  • Add ship selector dropdown. Pilot selector now only shows pilots for selected ship.

18 Mar 2014

  • Add cards from Rebel Aces reveal.
  • German translations for Imperial Aces provided by @failgod-marcus.

21 Feb 2014

  • Add cards from Tantive IV reveal.
  • Note: Limited is not supported, yet. Fore and Aft parts of a ship are not linked, nor are required to both exist.
  • Currently R2-D2 can exist both as Crew and as an Astromech. This will be resolved later.

17 Feb 2014

  • Add desired/remaining points.

7 Feb 2014

  • Add cards revealed in Wave 4 preview.
  • Sources are now properly sorted in the Card Browser.

1 Feb 2014

  • Add ships revealed in Rebel Transport preview.
  • Add new icons from GeckoTH.

30 Nov 2013

  • Add support for translations.
  • Add German translations by @failgod-marcus.

8 Oct 2013

  • The simple version of View as Text returns!
  • Sources for each card are now visible in the main builder.

4 Oct 2013

  • Add ability to clear current squad and start a new one.
  • Add ability to clone non-unique pilots and their non-unique addons.

18 Sep 2013

  • Add ships from Imperial Aces unveil.
  • Update serialization to support new title functionality in Imperial Aces.
  • Display effective ship stats.

13 Sep 2013

  • Fancy printout; design inspired by TheKestrel off the FFG forums.

8 Sep 2013

  • Finish Wave 3 ship integration.
  • Add unique dots.
  • Monkeypatch Select2 to stop focusing on the search input when on mobile.

29 May 2013

  • Add card browser.
  • Upgrade to Select2 3.4.0.

20 Apr 2013

  • Add support for backend storage.

5 Jan 2013

  • Add fonts and more images from GeckoTH.

31 Dec 2012

  • Add random squad builder. Will attempt to generate a squad totalling the given number of points, stopping after a certain period of time or iterations. May go over. It's random.

30 Dec 2012


Squad builder for the First Edition X-Wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.







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