Backend for storing squads created with (Yet Another) X-Wing Squad Builder.
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(Yet Another) Backend for the X-Wing Miniatures Squad Builder

Backend JS API

.save(serializedSquad, id=null, name, faction, additional_data={}, cb)

Save serialized squad to backend with given name and additional data.

If id is null, saves a new squad. Otherwise, saves squad to id.

name must be unique among user squads.

additional_data includes stuff like

cards used

When finished, calls cb({ id: ..., success: true|false }).

.delete(id, cb)

Deletes squad with given id from backend.

When finished, calls cb({ success: true|false }).

.list(builder, all=false)

Lists all saved squads of given builder.faction for this user. Description is a summary of pilots, etc.

Displays modal of squads for user to select.

If all is true, lists squads for everyone in the system.


Called by the login child window when OAuth authentication is complete. Confirms authentication with the server and calls cb when done. Sets internal authentication state.

Returns true if authenticated.


Starts login process.


Logs out. Clears internal authentication state.

Backend Server Endpoints


Doesn't really do anything of note.

Returns 200.

GET /methods

Get list of OAuth methods supported.

Returns { methods: [ 'foo', 'bar', ... ] }


Logs in using OAuth for given method. Begins OAuth token exchange redirection dance.

GET /auth/METHOD/callback

Callback from successful OAuth. Signals window.parent that authorization is complete.

GET /auth/logout

Invalidate user session. Returns 200.

GET /squads/list

Fetch list of squads for authenticated user. This is what list() connects to.

Returns { "Rebel Alliance": [ ... ], "Galactic Empire": [ ... ] }.

Each item in the list is { name: ..., id: ..., points: ..., description: ..., additional_data: ... }.

GET /all

Fetch list of squads for all users. This is what list() connects to. Unprotected.

PUT /squads/new

Save new squad.

PUT data: { name: ..., serialized: ..., faction: ..., additional_data: {...} }

Returns { id: ..., success: true|false, error: ... }

POST /squads/ID

Update squad.

POST data { name: ..., serialized: ..., faction: ..., additional_data: {...} }

Returns: { id: ..., success: true|false, error: ... }

POST /squads/namecheck

Check if a squad name is available for use by user.

POST data { name: ... }

Returns: { available: true|false }

DELETE /squads/ID

Delete squad.

Returns { success: true|false, error: ... }.

GET /ping

Used to check session authentication. Returns { success: true } or 403.